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Altitude:223 m a.s.l.

Relocation:North 14 degrees West, 380 m aprox.

Station Type:Meteorological

In July 1987, the Weather and Hydrology National Institute (INAMHI) established a Weather Station on Bellavista, in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island.

In 2014 the land where this weather station operated was sold. The Weather Station got successfully relocated in a land nearby at the end of 2015, with the support of the Central University of Ecuador and INAMHI, which are now in charge of its administration.

The Weather Station on Bellavista is equipped with the necessary instruments to measure rainfall and air temperature.

*NOTE: the data, for purposes of this viewer, have been adjusted according to the criteria of the information digitizers. If you wish to have the raw data collected at the meteorological stations, please click here 10MB.

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