Climatology Database

The Climatology Database of the Charles Darwin Foundation allows you to visualize and download the historical daily climate records.

Puerto Ayora



Altitude:2 m a.s.l.

Station Type:Meteorological

In 1965 the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAMHI) installed several meteorological stations in different Galapagos Islands, managed by different institutions and people. However, the only one that has remained active is the one managed by the Charles Darwin Research Station, in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island.

This meteorological station, like any Second Order Station, has a Pluviometer (a container where rain is collected), a Psychrometer (instrument that has a maximum, minimum, a dry and a wet thermometer) and a Heliograph (which is used to measure the amount of sunshine in the day).

Due to errors in the data collection instrument, the values of minimum temperatures for the years 2020-2021 may have errors, please keep that in mind.